The Best Shoe Rack for Space

Every home needs shoe racks to help keep shoes organized. You do not have to get anything fancy or break the bank while at it. There are many affordable alternatives to get a beautiful piece that will accommodate your shoes easily. Here is what to look out for:

Type of Shoe Rack

There are different types of shoe racks available in the market. If you own a home or are building a home, you can choose built-in shoe racks in bedrooms or walk-in closets to cater to this need. Other types include a shoe cabinet complete with doors or an open shoe shelf. Minimal individuals prefer shoe cabinets that keep everything stacked away to achieve that clean and simple look. If you have limited space, you can skip the doors and use an open narrow shoe rack which will serve the same purpose but are less bulky without the doors. An open show rack is also the best choice if you have a shoe collection that you like on display.


Before making any purchase, the budget plays a significant role in choosing a suitable piece. It is a misconception that the pricier the item, the better it is. You can find an affordable alternative within every budget range. While shopping, a pro-tip is looking out for preloved shoe racks that will cost a fraction of what the original price was. However, it is best to be careful and ensure that the shoe organizer or shoe rack is in pristine condition before making payment. If you prefer a brand new shoe stand, you can consider the versatile Tylko shoe racks (https://tylko.cpm/shelves/shoerack/) at an affordable price.

Number of Shoes

A shoe rack should be large enough to accommodate the number of shoes intended for it. If you own more shoes, you need a larger shoe rack than someone with lesser shoes. It helps keep the shoes organized and find your favorite pair faster. When each pair has sufficient space, it also helps maintain shoes in excellent condition. It would be best to choose a shoe rack based on the number of shoes for each style. For example, boots and heels require a taller shelf, so it would be best to choose a shoe cabinet with enough space to sit the total number of such shoes.


Many people overlook their space theme before making a purchase and end up with a piece that does not compliment the rest of the room. For instance, if you put a rustic shoe rack bench in a modern and contemporary space, it will look misplaced. Likewise, a modern shoe bench might not be the best choice in a bohemian aesthetic. Any shoes rack should mimic the aesthetic in the room so that everything has one theme. It is the same with color. Try sticking to a shoe stand whose color blends in with the rest of the room for a bespoke interior design style.