Monday 10 December 2018
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Pari Review | Anushka Sharma

Anushka Sharma’s Pari is the actor’s third production and created a lot of buzz after its first poster was released. Also, the stomach-churning trailer of the film which added to the frenzy, fails to live up to the thrill, leaving the audience feel deceived. Pari is a demon who has to go looking around for her next target every month in order to get rid of her inner wrath and poison. This characteristic of Pari loses its plot frequently in the move and the film seems more like an effort to put together different horror stories and link together various ghosts that appear from nowhere in the film. This ultimately leaves the audience confused as the film is not scary, nor a comedy but it’s a dirty at many places.


The screenplay is extremely weak. So many characters in the form of ghosts appear from nowhere, leaving it to the imagination of the audience.


Again dialogues are very weak. In a horror flick, though lengthy dialogues can be boring, some spooky one-liners can do the trick.


The background score is not impressive. There are one or two average songs which fail to gain attention of the audience. While Action is negligible.


The editing is weak. The movie could have been cut short by 15 minutes.


Director Prosit Roy has just wrapped up the movie by adding four ingredients of a successful horror flick – jungle, rain, filth, and darkness. In spite of all of the four ingredients the film fails to fall in the genre of a horror film, forget giving the audience goose-bumps! He doesn’t know even 25% of direction, which requires to make a film. so can’t understand, how did he convince Anushka to make this film?


Anushka has tried to do justice to her role but she fails to deliver beyond her efforts as a result of a poor script. The new actor Parambrata Chatterjee has done a good job while Rajat Kapoor has delivered extremely well. Ritabhari Chakraborty and Mansi Multani feature in supporting roles and have done fairly good work


Pari is less of horror and more of confusion. Most of the scenes will make the audience feel like throwing up instead of scaring them. Some might also just leave the theatres in disgust! The movie is zero on entertainment and can be watched if you are an avid horror movie lover, who can watch anything spooky plus you are a die-hard Anushka fan.