Saturday 16 February 2019
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Oru Kuppai Kathai Movie Review

Oru Kuppai Kathai is a Tamil movie starring Dance master Dhinesh and Manisha Yadav in prominent roles. The movie also stars Yogi Babu. It is a sentimental drama directed by Kaali Rangasamy.

The story begins with Kumar (Dhinesh Dance Master) as a trash collector living in the slums of Chennai. After several rejection of marriage proposal, Kumar finds a life partner Poongudi (Manisha Yadav). A twist folds there Poongudi things Kumar works as a clerk in Chennai, where as her father knows about the true fact.

A turn takes in the story when Poongudi finds the truth, she distance herself from Kumar. Even when Kumar tries to console her, she finds comfort in their neighbor Arjun (Sujo Mathew). Poongudi falls for Arjun and elopes with her new born kid. This infects the life of Kumar and his family. What happens to Poongudi and Kumar is about the remaining story. To err is Human.

As a debut actor Dhinesh master has given his best. Manisha Yadav has played a nice stand in her character as Poongudi. Yogi Babu adds the pinch of comedy now and then to a full length sentimental drama.

Director kaali Rangasamy has penned a nice screenplay in the slums of Chennai. He is successful in narrating a true story in celluloid. Johsua Sridhar has came up with the nice beat number vaa machi vaada machi which well choreographed by Dhinesh master and the melodies were soothing. Mahesh Muthusamy has sketched the slums of Chennai beautifully with his photography.