Monday 25 March 2019
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Nadigaiyar Thilagam Movie Review

Nadigaiyar Thilagam- A bio-pic of legendary actress Savitri

The movie depict about the rise and fall of her professional life in parallel with her personal life. The story opens with the scene of Savitri (Keerthi Suresh) being hospitalized. When the entire journalists see this as just news two journalists named Maduravani (Samantha) and Vijay Anthony (Vijay Deverakonda) works in Preja Vani paper tries to study the life of Savitri.

Savitri reaches Madras with her father-in-law Chowdry (Rajendra Prasad) in pursuit of being an actress. She gets a chance to act with ANR (Naga Chaitanya). When Savitri pulls her good luck she signs in Tamil movie with Gemini Ganesan (Dulquer Salmaan) as hero and there being the love of Savitri and Gemini Ganesan. Savitri was forced to leave her home when her secret marriage with Gemini Ganesan was revealed and there falls the intermission of the story.

When everyone thought after marriage savitri carrier would fall, instead the fame started growing more. The rise of savitri and the fall of Gemini Ganesan brought a break in their personal life. Which lead to the fall of Savitri in her carrier.

Nag Ashwin has done a neat picture with his great selection of the cast and crew. Normally bio-pics are known story which will create low interest in watching movie, but Nag Ashwin made it very interesting by running a parallel love story between Maduravani (Samantha) and Vijay Anthony (Vijay Deverakonda) with a little humor which worked well. It’s a nice screenplay thought with Maduravani (Samantha) to end the movie.

Cinematography  and music has driven the movie to the next level. Mickey.J.Meyer scoring was well merged with the periodic Melodies. Dani Sanchez-lopez  has savitri in the face keerthy Suresh with his lighting. The art department has brought the life in to the picture.

Keerthi Suresh has done justice to her role. Her introduction as Savitri in acting without glycerin has made a great impact. Keerthi Suresh has carried herself as Savitri in the whole movie. This Character will be a mile stone in her carrier. Even though the whole movie portrays about Savitri,  Dulquer Salmaan has done great work as Gemini Ganesh. He outshines other in the first half in the romantic scenes with Savitri.

A well painted bio-pic needed for the future generation to know about SAVITRI – a legendary actress.