Tuesday 22 January 2019
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K Bhagyaraj Reveals the Full Story of “SARKAR”..!!

Director K Bhagyaraj President of South Indian Film Writers Union, has revealed the entire story of “SARKAR” in his attempt to respond to the various allegations leveled against him by Film Maker A.R Murugadoss.

“The Protagonist coming to his place to exercise his Voting Franchise is the same in both the stories. Then he fights for the voting rights in the court and the election gets cancelled. This creates an enmity between the politician and the protagonist, who stands against the Former in the upcoming election. The Protagonist wins the election, which enables an opportunity for him to be elected as the Chief Minister of the state. The climax is about whether he becomes CM or not. This is the outline of Both “SARKAR” and “SENGOL“. Screenplay and making of the film could be different in each film makers perspective. “That’s not the point here,” argued Bhagyaraj.

Bhagyaraj also said he has only appealed to Murugadoss to give complainant Varun Rajendran credit for the Core Idea alone. The film is slated to hit screens on November 6th and the Madras High Court will hear the Case tomorrow.