Monday 19 February 2018
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Adi & Ashi’s Indian Adventure

Shalini Singh (Pop Shalini) is all set to bring out her own musical called ‘Adi & Ashi’s Indian Adventure’ through her new production house called Tinsel Rangi Productions,  in an spectacular extravagant manner featuring holograms, wall projections, animated backdrops and virtual sets with a story running through 10 states of India. This fast paced, thrilling, humorous play which is completely set in India, has been in the making for the past 6 month with close to 100 children who have been trained in various songs and dances of India. Adi & Ashi’s Indian Adventure  is ready to roll on Feb 11 (Sunday) at Sir Mutha Venkatta Subbu Rao Concert Hall. Timings 11am , 3 pm and 6.30 pm. Book your tickets on

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